Simpsons Attorneys recently celebrated 23 years since its inception and offers an insightful history, lined with successes on many fronts. A humble first case involved assisting a farm worker from Hartswater who was left paralysed by an injury on duty. This involved traveling to Hartswater to investigate the case, one of many journeys Simpsons undertook across South Africa to assist their clients. They have since become a well-recognised, leading legal practice, specialising in the Law of Delict.

At the helm of this dynamic firm, you will find no ordinary individual. A man who is as passionate about the people he fights for than about his business. He expects nothing but the best from all his staff and will always undertake the extra mile to help his clients.

Meet Willie Simpson, a man who has done ground-breaking work in claiming damages for clients and with vast experience in all facets of Delictual Law, High Court Litigation, as well as Arbitration Proceedings.

Making the law

One of the ground-breaking cases that Simpsons is well known for is, Road Accident Fund v Sauls (423/2000) [2001] ZASCA 135 (28 November 2001), in which Simpsons made legal history by proving that Sauls could claim from the Road Accident Fund due to the emotional damages she suffered when she observed her fiancé being knocked down by a motorist in Adderley Street, Cape Town. Up until that point, one could only claim for emotional damages if you were a blood relative to the person that was injured or who died. The case, overseen by 5 Court of Appeal judges was an unforgettable experience, documented in future study material for law students.

The amount of years it might take to fight a case at the Road Accident Fund has never stopped Simpsons from allocating resources and unfound commitment to their clients.

Simpsons follows pioneering legal models to ensure that every South African receives the correct legal advice and proper support that they need. They offer free first consultations in order to assess your matter and to provide you with the best possible advice for the way forward. Their service goes further than the facts of your case. They are #AttorneysWithHeart and will always take your personal needs into consideration, along with your legal journey.

Take their hand as they partner with you, manage the risk elements of your case and guide you towards a successful outcome, whilst never losing sight of why they are fighting in the first place.